About Us


NAAS Immigration Services is an Atlantic Canada based Immigration firm. We understand that every client may have a unique need, and we take pride in providing specialized tailored advice. We act as a Trusted Professional Advisor for our clients. Our team specializes in the services & advice we offer. Our focus is to be transparent with our clients, while we help them in this process.

Our Team

1) Sunny Khosla, RCIC – Founder & Director

Sunny is originally from New Delhi, India, which is also a capital of India. He moved to Atlantic Canada in January 2018, with his wife. He has more than 17 years of experience working with North American companies. He is also a licensed CPA-New Hampshire- USA & licensed CPA- New Brunswick- Canada. From last 17 years he has been providing his professional financial services to multinational clients and small business owners. He is also an Australian permanent resident. While applying for his permanent residency for Australia and Canada, he noticed that Immigration consultancy profession needs more professional and transparent advice for customers, which they deserve. After moving to Canada, he decided to help newcomers,  students, employers, or potential immigrants who needs tailored and transparent advice. It was not easy, as providing immigration advice is illegal if you are not authorized to do that. To overcome that obstacle, he started working towards earning the credentials required to provide immigration advice. Now he is a registered Canadian immigration consultant (R-707865), he wants to help more and more people.


He strongly believes that if we want to help client with our advice, we need to understand their needs, and for that we need to connect with them on one on one, as every client has a unique need. Sometimes jumping on a solution quickly, without understanding the client situation, may have an impact on the client’s profile or ability to move to Canada.

Sunny’s extensive experience in North American market not only help the potential immigrants, but also the employers in the North American market. Being a CPA, he understands that our economy needs more skilled people. Being a qualified professional, he understands that immigration should happen strategically, so that immigrants are able to contribute to the economy with their skills, and these skills, also allows Immigrants to settle quickly in Canada.

He is also serving as a board of directors for the condominium corporation, where he lives and have been an active member of saint john community ever since he has moved to Atlantic, Canada. He believes paying back is a very important aspect of life and in any profession. He is also acting as a financial literacy volunteer for CPA, NB. Since 2019, he has been participating in the community volunteer income tax programme and acted as a lead volunteer for CPA, New Brunswick in 2020 CVITP. He actively volunteers for not-for-profit organizations based in New Brunswick. He started an Atlantic India free kitchen service for all in 2018, where he and his wife provide free meals to homeless people. Sunny & his wife started this kitchen with the intent of paying back to this community, as they believe that this community has given them a lot and they wants to pay back to this community.

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